Did you make a note of it?

It's 2021, we have laptops, kindles, computers, smart watches, tablets...digital is everywhere and doesn't seem to be slowing down. 

So why is note-taking on the rise?

During lockdown the increase in sales of stationery products soared. Mainly being purchased from those working from home, a need to have a notebook to hand, and a shift in working environment saw pens, to post-it notes become the must-have items of lockdown.

Notebooks come in various shapes, paper types and weights. It's always good to trial a few and see what you like. As a personal preference I love a dot grid paper, it's easier to sketch with and doesn't feel as restrictive as lined paper

Minimalist dot grid notebook

Stylist magazine even named our Daily Planner as one of the must haves desk accessories during lockdown. 

Three reasons why you should write it down:

  • Cannot be deleted! 
    You can't delete a planner, so everything you have written stays.
    This will come in handy if you need to refer to something without dreading you "Sent to trash" on your laptop

  • That pen to paper feeling. 
    Is it just me or do you feel like you've accomplished more when you've set time aside to write out a to-do list, your workout for the week? - and doesn't it feel even better when you can check it off?

  • You can whip it out whenever 
    Battery died? Long train journey? Whatever will you do?
    Get your notebook out, in that 20 minute train journey you've created your weekly shopping list, plans for the weekend, and reminded yourself to make that appointment...
    Or you could've just drawn a stunning portrait of the person opposite you.

Let us know how you use your notebooks and if you've been converted from digital to paper

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